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Korean Words for TOPIK Beginner

Korean Words for TOPIK Beginner

‘Korean Words for TOPIK Beginner’ is a quick and easy reference series of ‘Korean Words and Phrases for TOPIK Beginner‘. You can learn more than 1500 of the most basic and frequently used Korean words fast and easy. This is the second series of ‘Learn Korean Words‘ that contains the following essential features:

– Specifically designed for beginners and the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)
– Clearly presented, user-friendly and accessible format
– Useful and the most common Korean words
– Words given in Korean alphabet (Hangul), Romanization and English
– Video for perfect pronunciation
– Master Korean words in the fastest, easiest, and most fun way
– Help build your vocabulary in a natural way without burden

This series also covers the following parts of speech:

Noun [명사]: A word that refers to a person, a place or a thing.
Adjective [형용사]: A word that describes a person or thing, or gives extra information about them. In Korean, adjectives are sometimes introduced as “descriptive verbs.”
Verb [동사]: A word that denotes an action or occurrence.
Adverb [부사]: A word that adds more information about place, time, manner, cause or degree to a verb, an adjective, a phrase or another adverb.
Numeral [수사]: A word that which denotes the quantity or sequence of something.
Dependent noun [의존명사]: A noun that cannot be used alone.
Pronoun [대명사]: A word that is used instead of a noun.
Interjection [감탄사]: A word that expresses strong emotions.
Determiner [관형사]: A word that modifies the noun following it. It cannot be used alone.
Suffix [접미사]: A word that attaches to the end of another word or word stem to modify its meaning.

Follow along with ‘Learn Korean Words’ complimentary YouTube videos (http://www.youtube.com/learnkoreanwords), where you’ll see the word and a vibrant image to help remember the meaning. Hear the word to master the pronunciation. Learning Korean words has never been easier!

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