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Korean BBQ in Korean

Learn Korean BBQ in Korean. Here is a list of must-know 10 kinds of marinated and non-marinated meats in Korean, English and Romanization. You should know all these names if you love the Korean BBQ. Some of these names are often appear in the restaurant menu. The Korean word for BBQ is 바비큐 (ba-bi-kyu). The Korean BBQ refers to the Korean method of roasting meat. Beef, pork or chicken are cooked on gas or charcoal table grills. Marinated meats are usually sweet and often consist of soy sauce, garlic, sugar and sesame oil. Fruits may be added in the marinate as well. The Korean BBQ is not only popular among Koreans but also gained popularity internationally. The first and second most popular marinated meats are 불고기 (bul-go-gi) and 갈비 (gal-bi). 갈비 (gal-bi) is generally made with beef ribs, and it may be called 소갈비 (so-gal-bi). 소 (so) is often omitted when referring to beef ribs. 갈비 (gal-bi) can also be made with pork ribs or chicken. In such cases, they are called 돼지갈비 (dwae-ji-gal-bi) or 닭갈비 (dak-gal-bi). Sometimes, 양념 (yang-nyeom) or 생 (saeng) is added to differentiate marinated and non-marinated.

Korean BBQ in Korean – must-know 10 kinds of meats

Korean BBQ in Korean

English Korean Romanization
BBQ 바비큐 ba-bi-kyu
Thinly sliced beef sirloin 불고기 bul-go-gi
Beef rib 갈비 gal-bi
Beef rib eye 주물럭 ju-mul-lok
Pork rib 돼지갈비 dwae-ji-gal-bi
Chili pork belly 고추장삼겹살 go-chu-jang-sam-gyeop-ssal
Beef rib finger meat 갈비살 gal-bi-sal
Beef rib eye 꽃등심 ggeot-ddeung-sim
Thinly sliced beef brisket 차돌박이 cha-dol-ba-gi
Sliced pork belly 삼겹살 sam-gyeop-ssal
Pork neck 항정살 hang-jeong-sal

Now you know Korean BBQ in Korean. How to eat Korean BBQ? Put the grilled meat into a dipping sauce. Place the dipped meat on a lettuce or sesame leaf. Pickled onions, spicy wrap sauce, and other ingredients can be placed on top. Fold the lettuce wrap with your fingers and enjoy. Tell us your favorite marinated and non-marinated meats by leaving us a comment below.