Country in Korean

Learn how to say Country in Korean. Here is a list of must-know 30 country names in Korean, English and Romanization. The Korean word for country is 나라 (na-ra). You should know all these names if you are learning Korean. You need not memories all. Some of these names are often appear in your Korean language text book. Some of these names are the most popular countries to visit. An interesting questions to ask. Do you know there are how many countries in the world? Well, there is no one right answer as many sources offer different answers. There are 194, 195 or 196 independent countries in the world today depending on the source. FIFA currently has 209 countries. All country names in Korean are nouns. If you cannot find the name of your country, please go to Korean Vocabulary List of Countries A-Z.

Country in Korean – must-know country names in Korean

Country in Korean

English Korean Pronunciation
Country 나라 na-ra
United States 미국 mi-guk
India 인도 in-do
United Kingdom 영국 yeong-guk
China 중국 jung-guk
Japan 일본 il-bon
France 프랑스 peu-rang-seu
Philippines 필리핀 pil-li-pin
Australia 호주 ho-ju
Canada 캐나다 kae-na-da
Russia 러시아 reo-si-a
Germany 독일 do-gil
Italy 이탈리아 i-tal-li-a
Spain 스페인 seu-pe-in
Greece 그리스 geu-ri-seu
Korea 한국 han-guk
Singapore 싱가폴 sing-ga-po
New Zealand 뉴질랜드 nyu-jil-laen-deu
Brazil 브라질 beu-ra-jil
Malaysia 말레이시아 mal-le-i-si-a
Indonesia 인도네시아 in-do-ne-si-a
Turkey 터키 teo-ki
Thailand 태국 tae-guk
Ireland 아일랜드 a-il-laen-deu
Africa 아프리카 a-peu-ri-ka
Finland 핀란드 pil-lan-deu
Mexico 멕시코 mek-si-ko
Vietnam 베트남 be-teu-nam
Switzerland 스위스 seu-wi-seu
Belgium 벨기에 bel-gi-e
Norway 노르웨이 no-reu-we-i


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