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Study Contract

Korean Study Contract

You must make a commitment to study Korean. Sign a contract with Learn Korean Words (dot) com. You should never break a contract-especially a contract with us.

1. Print your name below on line 1.
2. Write the total amount of time, the time you will spend each week studying Korean and the time for each skill area. Think about how much time you have to study every day and every week, and make your schedule realistic.
3. Sign your name and date the contract on the last line.
4. At the end of each week, add up your hours. Did you meet the requirements of your contract?


I, _________________________, promise to study Korean, I will begin my study with Learn Korean Words (dot) com, and I will also study Korean on my own.

I understand that to improve my Korean I need to spend time on Korean.

I promise to study Korean for a minimum of _______ hours a week. I promise to learn _______ new Korean words every day.

I will spend _______ hours a week listening to Korean.
I will spend _______ hours a week writing Korean.
I will spend _______ hours a week speaking Korean.
I will spend _______ hours a week reading Korean.

This is a contract with I promise to fulfill the terms of this Contract.

______________________________              ___________________
Signed                                                               Date

You could work for as little as 10 minutes a day to as much as one hour a day. No matter how much you do, working steadily and daily will produce impressive results.

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Here are some ways to enrich your Korean vocabulary on your own. This includes reading newspapers, magazines, textbooks, brochures, and fiction or non-fiction books. It includes watching and listening to news broadcasts, interviews, songs, documentaries, movies, audio books, and discussions. Not only should you write down the new Korean words and their meanings, but also use the new words in your own written or oral sentences.

With such a wide selection of vocabulary improvement materials available, you can select the system you feel most comfortable with and enjoy the most. Identify the best Korean vocabulary books for your needs at the local library, though friends, teachers, or online. If you have an auditory learning style, choose tapes and CDs. It takes time to build up your vocabulary so find a program which appeals to you and you’ll stick with.

Learn Korean Online

Check the ones you plan to try. Add some of your own ideas.

Internet-Based Self-Study Activities:

– Podcasts on the Internet
– Watch Korean drama
– Watch Korean movie
– YouTube
Speak Korean
– Use Skype to talk to Korean speakers
– Practice speaking with a conversation buddy
– Write emails to website contacts
– Write a blog
– Leave comments on blogs
– Post messages in a chat room
– Use Facebook and MySpace
– Read news and magazine articles online
– Do web research on topics that interest you
– Follow blogs that interest you
– Listen to KBS radio
– Listen to music in Korean
– Describe what you see and do out loud
– Write a daily journal
– Write a letter to a Korean speaker
– Make lists of the things you see everyday
– Write descriptions of your family and friends
– Read newspapers and magazines in Korean
– Read books in Korean

Whether you read an article in a Korean newspaper or on a website, you can use that article in a variety of ways to improve your vocabulary while you practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Korean.

– Read about it.
– Paraphrase and write about it.
– Give a talk or presentation about it.
– Record or make a video of your presentation.
– Listen to or watch what you recorded. Write down your presentation.
– Correct your mistakes.
– Do it all again.

Are you ready? Now, all you have to do is to study Korean.